Врховни касациони суд је највиши суд у Републици Србији. Положај и седиште суда утврђени су Уставом Републике Србије, а надлежност Законом о уређењу судова.

Врховни касациони суд


Change of court name

Supreme Court of Cassation continued its work beginning as of May 11, 2023 under the name Supreme Court, upon the establishment of the High Judicial Council, according to Law on Organisation of Courts (Official Gazzete RS n. 10/23).


Jurisdiction of the Court

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Cassation was established when the court began to function in 2010. It was expanded by the amendments and supplements to the Law on Organization of Courts which was first implemented on 21 May 2014.  

Jurisprudence of the Court

In order to ensure uniform application of law, the Court forms its jurisprudence presenting it through opinions expressed in its decisions, and through conclusions and sentences adopted at its departmental sessions and the session of all the Judges.