Outside of the trials


Governed by Article 31 of the Law on Organization of Courts which stipulates the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court outside of the trial:

  • Provides uniform application of the laws and equality of the parties in court proceedings,
  • Reviews the application of laws and regulations and the work of the courts,
  • Appoints judges to the Constitutional Court,
  • Provides an opinion on a candidate for President of the Supreme Court of Cassation, and
  • Performs other competences specified by law.

One of the most important activities of the Supreme Court outside the trial is the harmonization of jurisprudence of the courts in the Republic of Serbia. In early April 2014, with the aim of harmonizing the jurisprudence, President of the Supreme Court of Cassation issued a normative act "Action Plan of the Court for the Purpose of Ensuring the Harmonization of Jurisprudence."