Status of judges

The status of judges is established in the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the Law on Judges, in other laws and in a number of international documents.

A judge acts and takes decisions independently, ruling and adjudicating on the basis of the Constitution, laws and other general enactments, ratified international treaties and generally accepted rules of international law. All state authorities and officials are required to act and conduct themselves in a manner which maintains confidence in the independence and impartiality of judges and courts.

When deciding, a judge is free to express his/her views, determine facts and implement the law. A judge is not obliged to explain his/her legal opinions and established facts to anyone, not even to other judges and the President of the court, except in the reasoning of his/her decision, or when the law specifically so requires.

A judge shall endeavor to maintain trust and confidence in his/her independence and impartiality at all times. A judge is obliged to conduct the proceedings impartially and in line his/her conscience, in accordance with his/her own assessment of the facts and the interpretation of the law, ensuring a fair trial and compliance with the procedural rights of parties guaranteed by the Constitution, the laws, and international enactments.