Useful information about the work of the Court

The working hours of the Court are established by the President of the Supreme Court of Cassation, in accordance with a special regulation. Within the established working hours the President of the Court determines the daily schedule which is published on the bulletin board at the entrance to the courthouse.

Actions deemed urgent in provisions of certain procedural laws which therefore can not be postponed are performed without regard to the prescribed working hours.

The working hours of the Supreme Court of Cassation are 7:30AM until 15:30PM.

Parties are received at the reception desk of the Court during business hours, when based on the data contained in the register and upon the oral request of a party, proxy or another authorized person, the authorized employee of the Court Registry Office can verbally provide basic information about the case which has been received by the Court, whether and when the case was received, under which number it was registered, the name of the judge to whom the case was assigned, and the progress of the case.

Other Court services do not receive the parties, and except for the Head of the Registry Office and Heads of Sections of the Criminal and Civil Registry Offices, do not provide either oral or written information on the status or outcome of the cases in the Court. Upon a written request of a party, the Head of the Registry Office can provide written information about the case in the Court from the scope of his/her purview, while Heads of Sections can provide only brief and urgent information by telephone if the nature of the issue makes this possible.

Requests for viewing, copying and photocopying of the files, i.e. their duplication, is submitted on forms prescribed by the Book of Court Rules. Notice on the location and time of the viewing of documents is delivered or communicated to a party in an appropriate manner, no later than 24 hours from the time of receipt of the request.

The parties view and copy the documents in a designated space and under supervision of the court staff in the Registry Office, and may require the photocopying of the entire file, certain parts of the document, or individual pieces of written evidence. If this is technically possible, the parties may view the documents in electronic form.

Other persons with a legitimate interest to view, photocopy and copy certain files are granted permission in accordance with the law.

After the final conclusion of the proceedings, the permission to view documents is issued by the President of the Court.

If a request for viewing, photocopying and copying of the documents relates to the information of public importance, the President of the Court decides on the request within 15 days of its receipt, in accordance with the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance.

Submissions are received in the Court during the working hours, directly - at the reception desk of the Court, or indirectly - through the authorized postal service.