House rules

Governed by Articles 89-91 of the Book of Court Rules

The House Rules is a document created by the President of the highest court in a building that hosts several courts; it explains how offices and other spaces in the court building are to be used, how much time can be spent in the building, prescribes measures necessary to maintain the security of the premises and other measures necessary for the preservation of work instruments and other objects located in the court building.

The House Rules define the obligations of persons that use the court premises or visit them from time to time.

Parties and persons spending time in a courthouse are required to abide by the House Rules and not disturb the work of the court. If the parties or other persons present in the courthouse violate the House Rules, the bailiffs are allowed to apply measures determined by law and the Act on the Court Guards.

An excerpt from the House Rules that applies to the citizens is placed in a prominent location in the court and featured in other appropriate ways.