Competitions and public procurements


In accordance with the obligation established by the Law on Civil Servants and the Decree on the implementation of internal and public competition to fill vacancies in the state bodies, which stipulates that every public competition must be advertised in the "Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" and in a national daily newspaper, the Supreme Court of Cassation advertises its public announcements of the vacancies on the Court's website.  


In accordance with the obligations established by the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement, which stipulate that the contracting authority is required to publish a request for submission of bids in an open procedure of the public procurement of a low value, and in the negotiated procedure accompanied by the publication of a request for bids, and that, as the contracting authority, it is obliged to publish a request for bids in: the restricted procedure, the qualification procedure and the competitive dialogue, and, simultaneously with the publication of the request for proposals, to publish the tender documentation - the Supreme Court of Cassation publishes requests and announcements related to public procurement and the tender documentation on its website.